Cosmo Du // Legal name: Yu Du, 杜宇

2017-    : Google
2011-2017: Ph.D. student of State Key Lab of CAD&CG
           College of Computer Science
           Zhejiang University

  Contact: answeror [att] gmail [dot] com 
Interests: Weakly supervised learning
    Ph.D.: Perceptual user interface & deep learning,
           with an emphasis on
           (1) vision-based human pose estimation and
           (2) EMG-based gesture recognition.



Semi-supervised Learning for Surface EMG-based Gesture Recognition
Yu Du, Yongkang Wong, Wenguang Jin, Wentao Wei, Yu Hu, Mohan Kankanhalli and Weidong Geng
International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), 2017
Surface EMG-based Inter-session Gesture Recognition Enhanced by Deep Domain Adaptation
Yu Du, Wenguang Jin, Wentao Wei, Yu Hu and Weidong Geng
Sensors, 2017
We present a benchmark database of HD-sEMG recordings of hand gestures performed by 23 participants, based on an 8×16 electrode array, and propose a deep-learning-based domain adaptation framework to enhance sEMG-based inter-session gesture recognition.
Gesture Recognition by Instantaneous Surface EMG Images
Weidong Geng, Yu Du, Wenguang Jin, Wentao Wei, Yu Hu and Jiajun Li
Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group), 2016
We present that the patterns inside the instantaneous values of high-density sEMG enables gesture recognition to be performed merely with sEMG signals at a specific instant.
Marker-less 3D Human Motion Capture with Monocular Image Sequence and Height-Maps
Yu Du, Yongkang Wong, Yonghao Liu, Feilin Han, Yilin Gui, Zhen Wang, Mohan Kankanhalli and Weidong Geng
European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), 2016
We propose height-map as a type of built-in prior knowledge to detect the anatomical landmarks of a human body with a single-view calibrated camera, as well as enforce the temporal constraints on the camera and 3D poses for improved skeleton-based human pose estimation.